Sunday, June 10, 2012

Coasters and Doily project

After enjoying the day at the pool and cleaning (not a fun thing to do) I had the urge to do a little crochet. I have another project that I will post soon that I also worked on today, but I want you to see the finished project and right now it still needs the perfect button! So for now I will show you all the other two cute things I made today! :)

First project to show u is my cute doily. As you can see its small my hands are actually pretty small if that tells u anything.

I am really happy with how it turned out! What do u guys think?

And last but not least is my coasters. I actually did two sizes because I couldnt make up my mind about which size I liked better when I was trying to make them. So what could be better than two?!

What do you guys think about my newest creations? Feel free to comment or ask any questions. If you see anything you would like to purchase just email me or leave a comment for prices and let me know what item(s) you would like. I have other items I make as well, so if u know something else u want just ask me. I'm trying to get as many items up as I possibly can so you guys can see all the pretty things I make, but of course in between making things and trying to make my blog look as nice as I want it to I have the kids who also take up quite a bit of my time and energy. Please bare with me while I work on getting everything up here.

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